ILD 10


The ILD 9  enjoys great design with elegant lines that compliment all types of interiors and decor making for a warm and friendly feel. Benefiting from only requiring moderate distance from combustible materials, these models will easily find their place in your home. Thanks to its side windows, the ILD 10 gives you a beautiful view of the fire, wherever you are in the room. Storage space in the lower part of the stove can be enhanced by an optional door.

Key Features
  1. Beautiful Design with Side Windows
  2. Log length: 33cm
  3. High efficiency: up to 77%
  4. Weight: 99KG
  5. Clean combustion and high efficiency

Product Specifications

The specifications below are based on the ILD 10 . Other variants will vary!
Please contact us for further information.

996 mm
564 mm
386 mm
101 kg
Min Output
4 kW
Nominal Output
7.7 kW
Max Output
10 kW
Efficiency at Nominal Ouput
Flue Outlet
Ø 150.00 mm
Flue exit options
Top / Rear
Log Length
Up to 33 cm
Closed Combustion
Clean Burn
External Air Intake
Ash Solution