Jøtul F 360


The Jøtul F 361V2 Advance series consists of five main cast-iron models. Each of which can be customised. In the same way as our award-winning Jøtul F 370 Advance series, the new stoves have different leg modules, and you can add items like turn plates, adhesives and high top to achieve the stove you want. The combustion chamber has light coloured long-life burn plates. A vent valve ensures easy and proper firing. The reward comes in the form of low wood consumption, clean glass and environmentally friendly combustion.

The F 361V2 Advance series and the F 371V2 Advanced series have developed a new door mechanism with improved ergonomics. Iconic and award winning as the Jøtul F 370 series has become, it has now been further improved and offers even more functionality. With its new, magnetic door locking mechanism, you will experience a smooth and effortless opening of the door. An intergrated ‘stay-functionality’ in the door, becomes useful when placing logs on to the tinder-bed.

  • Heat output (rated): 6kW
  • Efficiency (nom): 78%
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Multiple choices with five main models
  • Makes it easy to fire properly
  • Long-lasting burn plates
  • Warranty: 25 years
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Product Specifications

The specifications below are based on the Jøtul F 360 Advance (pedestal). Other variants will vary!
Please contact us for further information.

1155 mm
443 mm
453 mm
172 kg
Log size
up to 33.00 cm
Flue outlet
Ø 150.00 mm
Flue exit options
Top / Rear
Min output
3.9 kW
Nom output
6.0 kW
Max output
9.0 kW
Heating capacity
up to 100 m²
Heating capacity cubic
up to 250 m³
CO Emission
Dust Product Emission
4 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission
93 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission
45 mg/Nm³
Closed combustion
Soft close door
Clean burn
External air intake
Ash solution