RB73 Quercus


A heat source and pizza oven in one! This multifunctional Outdoor oven serves as a stylish pizza oven and outdoor fireplace in one. The Outdoor oven is wood-fired. The fire can be used for warmth and atmosphere as well as for cooking. If the fire is stoked vigorously, the oven can be stoked around 250 degrees. Of course a pizza can be warmed up in here, but also all kinds of oven dishes.

The Quercus outdoor stove & pizza oven is made of 6mm CorTen steel and has a flue of 2 meters so you do not suffer from smoke on the terrace. Furthermore, it is equipped with a closed door so no smoke, flying ash and fire sparks on the terrace. For this outdoor fireplace, the choice was made to make the flue draining. There is a 20 cm stub on the stove where the pipe falls over, so no water can get into the stove.

The legs are fitted with large robust cap nuts and a stainless steel bolt is screwed in so that the fire is off the ground and there are no rust stains on the terrace. Since there are air spoilers above each window they remain nice clean during burning. The flue is placed at the back, so that the flames and hot flue gases have to go to the back as much as possible and can heat up the bottom and the back of the pizza oven. The stone in the pizza oven is a special pizza oven stone. A pizza scoop made of aluminium is supplied as standard with the Quercus.

The back wall is also provided with fireproof concrete as standard. For the flue we used the same CorTen steel pipes that are known from the Quaruba series. The lower pipe is again provided with an adjustable valve so that the flame image can be regulated somewhat. The exhaust is placed at the back so that the flames and hot flue gases have to go back as much as possible and thus heat the bottom and back of the pizza oven

Main Features
– Up to 250 degrees for perfect pizzas
– Large cooking chamber for other food too
– Lined pizza cooking oven
– Thermometer for controlled cooking
– Beautiful panoramic contemporary design
– Adjustable heat with valve flue system

A beautiful stove that fits perfectly into any garden!


Product Specifications

The specifications below are based on the . Other variants will vary!
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Fuel Type
Wood Burning
Height Inc Fluepipe
CorTen Steel
Flue Outlet
Ø 150.00 mm
Heat resistant bottomstones
Integrated doorhandle