Rocal Angle


The Rocal Angle was introduced to the range in 2018 as a wall mounted stove for all rooms. Truly versatile the standard Angle can be fitted against a flat wall or into a corner, one of the only wall mounted stoves that can be attached to the wall in a corner. The rotating version has a different fitting bracket allowing the angle to rotate 45° to the left or right. Furthermore this rotation can be operated at the touch of a button from the remote control that is included with this version. The Angle includes all the modern fire features you would expect from master stove manufactures Rocal, such as primary, secondary and tertiary air supplies. A powerful air-wash system for clean glass, and an external air feed for bringing all if its combustion in from outside. The external air is also compatible with the rotating version thanks to some very clever engineering on Rocal’s part.


  • Double Ventilated hood for hot air
  • Ceiling plate,
  • Heat resistant, anti – smoke, anti – odour paint.
  • Preheated primary and secondary air
  • Tertiary or safety air
  • Optional external air inlet
  • Ember grate and ash pan
  • Direct smoke pipe
  • Vermiculite lining in black
  • Option Econtrol automatic combustion control.
  • Available with 90 Degree remote-controlled Pivoting wall support

This appliance also comes with a variety of different options and fittings. Please contact us to discuss which accessories you would require.


Product Specifications

The specifications below are based on the Rocal Angle. Other variants will vary!
Please contact us for further information.

883 mm
139 Kg
Min Output
5.5 Kw
Nominal Output
7.25 Kw
Maximum Output
9.5 KW
Efficiency at Nominal output
Flue Outlet
Flue exit options
Log Length
33 cm
Closed Combustion
Clean Burn
External Air Intake
Ash Solution