Rocal Drop


Space saving and curvy, the Rocal Drop wood burning stove is designed to attach directly to a non-combustible wall giving a distinctly contemporary look. The wall mounted Drop is based on a teardrop design flowing from the decorative flue cover down to the bulbous firebox. Constructed from heavy gauge steel and expertly finished in a sophisticated satin black paint, the wood burning Rocal Drop is at the forefront of stove design. The Rocal Drop is a stylish and contemporary wood burning stove. Reminiscent of a tear drop, this ultra modern wall mounted stove is the perfect example of contemporary stove design.

The Rocal Drop boasts a powerful 9kW nominal output and a 82% efficiency, allowing you to get the absolute best value for your money in terms of fuel. The Drop has so many special features you might suspect Rocal had divine assistance. Dual air controls, a convenient ash pan, air-wash system, heat and odour resistant paint and double combustion for superb efficiency. Rocal ensure that every one of their stoves is bursting with technology, giving you the ultimate degree of control over your fire. The Rocal Drop has external air capabilities. This draws fresh air in directly from outside into the fire instead of using the oxygen in the room. If you have a stove with an output more than 5kW you will require additional room ventilation, usually in the form of an air-brick. However an external air supply will, in most cases, eliminate the need for this.


  • Double Ventilated hood for hot air
  • Ceiling plate,
  • Heat resistant, anti – smoke, anti – odour paint.
  • Preheated primary and secondary air
  • Tertiary or safety air
  • Optional external air inlet
  • Ember grate and ash pan
  • Direct smoke pipe
  • Vermiculite lining in black
  • Option Econtrol automatic combustion control.

This appliance also comes with a variety of different options and fittings. Please contact us to discuss which accessories you would require.


Product Specifications

The specifications below are based on the Rocal Drop. Other variants will vary!
Please contact us for further information.

1171 mm
656 mm
470 mm
141 Kg
Min Output
6 Kw
Nominal Output
9.4 Kw
Maximum Output
11 Kw
Efficiency at Nominal output
Flue Outlet
Flue exit options
Log Length
33 Cm
Closed Combustion
Clean Burn
External Air Intake
Ash Solution