Rocal Habit 70A + T


The Rocal Habit 70a wood burning stove takes the powerful ARC cassette, encases it in a sleek black steel casing and allows it to be installed outside of the wall as a freestanding stove. It still has the same combustion chamber as the ARC, and still gives the same 8kW output and low emissions but the Habit allows you to place this stove anywhere in your home. Like the ARC, the Habit 70a log-store has built in convection fans to push the convected heat out into your room, heating larger spaces faster and more effectively than natural convection alone. As the Habit is a freestanding model it does not have warm air ducting, so all of the convected heat is pushed back into the room, making the Habit a powerful heating machine.

The Habit 70a log-store wood stove is very clean burning with pre-heated air-wash, clean-burn and tertiary safety air for optimum combustion. There is also an external air inlet included allowing you to pull all of the combustion air required from outside of the room, often negating the need for additional room ventilation. The Habit 70a has a reversible door, meaning you can hinge it from either the left or right. The Habit 70a log-store as its name suggests comes with a log-store base for keeping wood handy ready for your next burn. It is also available as a freestanding cube stove which can be mounted directly onto a hearth, or lifted off the floor and fitted onto a Rocal stove bench for an even more modern look. Alternatively you can buy the 70a with a wall mounted bracket to lift the stove off the floor and place it directly against a non-combustible wall. Whichever option you choose, your home will be happy to have a Rocal Habit heating it.


  • Reversible front door
  • Steel combustion chamber
  • Vermiculite inner lining
  • Wraparound casing in 6mm steel
  • Optional external air inlet
  • Preheated primary and secondary air
  • Tertiary or security air
  • Ash pan removal from the front
  • Double deflector, top deflector with two-position adjustable flow
  • Option ECOntrol automatic combustion control
  • Two or four fan units with two automatic speed settings and one manual.

*Can be supplied without fan units on request*

Optional Extras

  • Wood store
  • Wall mounting Kit
  • Bench Unit

This appliance also comes with a variety of different options and fittings. Please contact us to discuss which accessories you would require.


Technical Elevations

Technical Elevations


Product Specifications

The specifications below are based on the Rocal Habit. Other variants will vary!
Please contact us for further information.

Min Output
Nominal Output
Maximum Output
Efficiency at Nominal output
Flue Outlet
Flue exit options
Log Length
Single Door
Flat Top
Log-store, Bench or Wall mounted
Closed Combustion
Clean Burn
External Air Intake
Ash Solution